Lavergne Tennessee Art

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I also love singing and building with blocks, and books, puzzles and reading are a big part of being at home. My days are often filled with sitting on the floor with an outdoor blanket while my children play and have a great time. The environment is happy and conducive and it is always fun to see the enthusiasm of my children.

However, you should always make sure that your child gets enough sleep, eats well and reaches old age - appropriate milestones. Whether newborn or pre-school, we all have children who depend on us to change with their daily needs.

Lassie Childcare is in your house and is a huge part of your wonderful family. The childcare we offer is like having your own private nanny, and we are located right on the shores of Percy Priest Lake. There are many activities and leisure activities for your family.

The inhabitants of La Vergne are and remain happy to live in a place where everything is slow and friendly, and enjoy the fact that the bright lights of the big city are just a few minutes away. The amenities are right where you can shop, eat, entertain and much more, so don't think you won't miss any entertainment! The inhabitants of LaVergnes are still happy to live where they live and enjoy the tranquility and seclusion of their own home, away from the hustle and bustle.

The children we care for have literally become part of our family, not just for the care we have provided over the years, but for literally the whole family. Keeping the family healthy and happy is of the utmost importance, and we keep the number of children who receive almost one-on-one attention very small. Many children in our twenty-year history have evolved from newborns to preschoolers and eventually found their way to a valued boy, lassie or alum.

Carol Elaine Stone Gafford was born on February 1, 1939 in Tuskegee, Alabama, the daughter of the late Royce and Agnes Booker Stone. In 1983, she was named Woman of the Year by the Alabama Women's Association, the state's largest women's organization, and the National Association of Women in Education.

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More About La Vergne